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August 18th, 2019

Just having some PG tips tea and thought I'd participate in this:

Six Sentence Sunday: Post six sentences from whatever you're working on, if you're game!

(I co-wrote this with my sweet friend hughville; I will post six sentences that I wrote)

The next evening, House came home late and feeling more than a little tired after having figured out an unusually weird case only to open the door and hear “Silly Love Songs” by Paul McCartney.
“Oh for god’s sake, Wilson, I am in no mood for your fucking cheese fest songs!”
“I thought you liked the Beatles.”
“I like the Beatles, not one Beatle playing sappy bullshit the rest of them knew better than to get involved with instead of rocking like he should have been doing! Either turn that crap off or put some headphones on. It’s just a short step from this to the damn Bee Gees and then I’ll have to call the cops.”

also here are the answers to the movie gif meme that no one got:

#4 Cousin Bette
#5 Waking Life
#10 Reefer Madness:the Musical
#14 Yellow Submarine