August 24th, 2019

Hugh Blue Eyes

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here's part 6 of Trust Issues

Cameron watched Wilson leave and then turned back to House.
House sighed. “Work your magic and then get into bed.”
She sat on the bed beside him and flipped open the tube of pain cream. “I think he’s jealous,” she commented. She began to massage the cream into the muscles around his scar.
“He’s not jealous,” House grunted as she worked the knots out.
Cameron shrugged.
House began to relax as the pain lessened. “He did figure out that we have sex,” he told her.
“And he’s jealous.”
Cameron got him two Vicodin and a glass of water. As he swallowed them down and drained the glass, she got undressed. He watched as she folded her clothes and got one of his t-shirts from his dresser.
“Naked,” he said.
She put the shirt back and walked around to the other side of the bed. He flipped back the covers and she slid in beside him.
“Bed is big enough for all three of us,” she commented as she moved to lie beside him.
“Hey! Wilson!” House shouted.
A few moments later Wilson opened the bedroom door. He looked at them with narrowed eyes.
“Get in bed,” House commanded.
“I’ll sleep on the couch,” Wilson replied putting his hands on his hips.
“Just get in the fucking bed. My leg hurts too much for sex. It’ll be warmer if you sleep with us. Unless the thought of sleeping in the bed with us scares you.”
Wilson narrowed his eyes as House began to make clucking noises.
Without another word, he stripped down to his boxer shorts and got into bed. Cameron had her head on House’s shoulder so Wilson fluffed up the other pillow and got comfortable.
The light clicked off and Wilson slowly began to relax. Soon all three were asleep. At some point in the night, Wilson rolled over and draped his arm over Cameron.

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