November 19th, 2019

Hugh Smile

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Had some rotten dreams last night.
here's a meme:

▪️First job – Comic book store
▪️Current job – None
▪️Dream Job - Sexual personal assistant to Hugh Laurie
▪️Favorite food – Chinese
▪️Favorite dog - I love doggos in general, don't have one favorite
▪️Favorite footwear – these extremely comfortable suede tan slip ons
▪️Favorite Candy – Chocolate
▪️Favorite Ice Cream - Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk
▪️Your Vehicle – Don't have one, comes with not having a job. I had to deal with an unusually large number of crazy creeps on the bus earlier today.
▪️Favorite Holiday - either Halloween or Thanksgiving
▪️Night owl or early bird- Night owl
▪️Favorite day of the week - Don't have one
▪️Tattoos - no
▪️Like to cook – yes
▪️Can you drive a stick shift – yes
▪️Favorite color - Purple
▪️Do you like vegetables? Most of them
▪️Do you wear glasses - yes
▪️Favorite season - Fall
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