November 24th, 2019

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It's always fun to watch the Addams Family do their thing (no pun intended). I've always liked them, from the TV show (which I saw as a kid before the New Yorker cartoons) all the way up through the movies. I've been Morticia for Halloween. The only things a bit off for me about the cartoon movie yesterday were that the Martha Stewart parody plot seemed to belong in another movie and too many of the non-Addams people had that damn candy apple with arms look. The girl who Wednesday sort of makes friends with is supposed to be "normal" looking but not only does she have a really bad case of candy apple with arms but she has giant lips and no chin and looks weirder than the Addamses. Charles Addams didn't ever have an art style like that. Anyway other than that it was a lot of fun. In fact I consider Gomez and Morticia to be sort of a romantic role model and I have for decades.
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