February 9th, 2020

Bertie ?!

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still in a crummy mood following that business yesterday. There are times when I just want very badly to have someone to hang out with and my friends are all busy or what have you. :( here's a meme to distract me:

Put an x by foods you won't eat (I include commentary about some of these)

1.Miracle Whip X I don't like mayo either
2.Pickles X
3.Cilantro I like this but I do think it's very easy to put too much of it in something
4.Black Jelly Beans X I don't like jelly beans in general except for jelly bellies and even they have some flavors I really dislike
5.Pineapple Pizza X an excellent example of two things I actually like separately but find really gross together
7. Oysters.
8. Sushi.
9. Original Candy Corn as opposed to what? deconstructed candy corn??
10. Vienna Sausages X
11.Brussel sprouts. X
12.Mushrooms one of my favorite vegetables
13. Liver
14.Circus Peanuts X nastiest candy in the world, does anybody actually like these? a friend of a friend calls them clown poop which I think fits. Also, wtf are they supposed to taste like? they don't taste anything like peanuts or anything orange
15.Bologna X
16.Black Olives X
17.Green Olives X
18.Blue Cheese I pretty much like almost all kinds of cheese except for that weird ashy cheese that tastes like a cigarette
19.Fruitcake X
22.Potato Salad depends on how it's done. It's very easy to screw up
24.Black Coffee I don't like coffee in general
26.Grits. Love grits, I have a southern father and have lived in both New York City and Oakland, do the math.
27.Sauerkraut X
28.Feta Cheese
29.Pickled Okra I don't know, I've never had it.
30.Spinach I like it unless it's this gross thing called spinach pudding which my mother always made on Thanksgiving.
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