March 25th, 2020

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Well, that was fucked. I had another power surge that had knocked out my phone and computer and this one little asshole maintenance guy (the same one who couldn't wait to fucking leave the first time this happened) keeps telling me he'll call me. On what? I just TOLD him my phone was busted. Then I find out he can't come over because of the virus scare but he doesn't bother to tell me this himself, I have to hear it from the manager. I can understand why the virus scare would prevent him from coming up but why can't he be bothered to tell me this himself?? The only reason you're reading this right now is because I fixed it myself.

here's another meme, pick any of these questions and I'll answer them:

1) How old were you when you first starting writing fan fiction?

2) What fandoms do you write for and do you have a particular favourite if you write for more than one?

3) Do you prefer writing OCs or reader inserts? Explain your answer.

4) What is your favourite genre to write for?

5) If you had to choose a favourite out of all of your multi chaptered stories, which would it be and why?

6) If you had to delete one of your stories and never speak of it again, which would it be and why?

7) When is your preferred time to write?

8) Where do you take your inspiration from?

9) In your (pick a fic of mine), what’s your favourite scene that you wrote? Or, what is your all time favourite scene you’ve ever written?

10) In your (pick a fic of mine), why did you decide to end it like that? Did you have an alternative ending in mind?

11) Have you ever amended a story due to criticisms you’ve received after posting it?

12) Who is your favourite character to write for? Why?

13) Who is your least favourite character to write for? Why?

14) How did you come up with the title for (pick a fic of mine)? Or, how do you come up with titles?

15) If you write OCs, how do you decide on their names?

16) How did you come up with the idea for (pick a fic of mine)?

17) Post a line from a WIP that you’re working on.

18) Do you have any abandoned WIPs? What made you abandon them?

19) Are there any stories that you’ve written that you’d really love to do a sequel to?

20) Are there any stories that you wished you’d ended differently?

21) Tell me about your current favourite canon, what attracted you to it? What will make you abandon it?

22) Do you have a story that you look back on and cringe when you reread it?

23) Do you prefer listening to music when you’re writing or do you need silence?

24) How do you feel about writing smutty scenes?

25) Have you ever cried whilst writing a story?

26) Which part of your (pick a fic of mine) was the hardest to write?

27) Do you make a general outline for your stories or do you just go with the flow and pants your plots?

28) What is something you wished you’d known before you started posting fan fiction?

29) Do you have a story that you feel doesn’t get as much love as you’d like?

30) In contrast to #29 is there a story which gets lots of love which you kinda eye roll at?

31) Send me a fic recommendation for one of your own stories

32) Are any of your characters based on real people?

33) What’s the biggest compliment you’ve ever gotten?

34) What’s the harshest criticism you’ve gotten?

35) Do you share your story ideas with anyone else or do you keep them close to your chest?

36) Can you give us a spoiler for one of your WIPs?

37) What’s the funniest story you’ve written?

38) Have you ever collaborated? Was it a good experience or a terrible one?

39) Do you prefer first, second or third person?

40) Do people know you write fan fiction?

41) What’s you favourite minor character you’ve written?

42) What do you think about song fic? Have you ever written on? Why wouldn’t you?

43) Has anyone ever guessed the plot twist of one of your fics before you posted it?

44) What is the last line you wrote?

45) What spurs you on during the writing process?

46) I really loved your (pick a fic of mine) fic. If you were ever to do a sequel, what do you think might happen in it?

47) Here’s a fic title - insert a made up title. What would this story be about?

48) What’s your favourite trope to write?

49) Can you remember the first fic you read? What was it about?

50) If you could write only angst, fluff or smut, which would it be?

and a link to an index with all my fics can be found here, same as yesterday:
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