April 4th, 2020

House Schroeder

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here's a meme:

Birthday: February 1st

Zodiac: I think it's a lot of nonsense but if you take it seriously you can already work it out from my birthday

Last song listened to: Blue Eyes, which is my favorite Elton John song and one of the very few Bernie Taupin didn't write the lyrics for, they were written by Gary Osborne, google says.

Last TV show watched: Boardwalk Empire. I looooooooove that show. The acting is amazing. It's a great show about 1920's gangsters. There's a very I, Claudius vibe about the whole thing and it has an incredible atmosphere.

Last movie you watched: the Long Goodbye. it's a 70's deconstruction of film noir and the best movie Robert Altman ever made IMHO. It's a real gem.

Dream job: Sexual personal assistant to Hugh Laurie hahahaha

Hobbies: Reading, music, movies, some TV

Top 4 'ships: House/Wilson, Jeeves/Bertie. I have a few very minor ones in other TV shows, movies and books but nothing major enough to mention.

Currently reading: the Onion: Homeland Insecurity

Currently craving: going to bookstores, cafes, bars
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