May 6th, 2020

Bertie Smile

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Had some coconut Pu-erh tea, it was yumms.

Day O: Choose a song at random, what ship does it remind you of?

I'm going to take a little bit of a liberty here. When I'm asked to do a random song meme of any kind I always like to go right for my iPod and when I did that earlier today, two Beatles songs immediately came up on shuffle that have something specific in common to me personally but it's not about a ship. There were A LOT of things I would have done completely differently about the premise of "alternate reality where the Beatles didn't exist" than the movie Yesterday. I'm not going to say what they all were here because I'd be typing all day but I will say I would have used one of two other songs for the movie's title, and both those songs came right up on my iPod today.
"You Won't See Me" and "Carry That Weight".
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