July 7th, 2020


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Just brought back some groceries, they weighed a lot and I get more tired and a lot more dehydrated with the mask on, plus I hadn't mentioned this before but the garage door opener they give me will only open up the garage door that's the second furthest away from where I have to be to get into my apartment so I have to walk some unnecessary distance to get into my place. I tried to talk them into changing it but that didn't get me anywhere. It's hot out and who the hell knows when the pool will be open. Some (probably senile) old lady walked much too close to me in the grocery store three times. If I get covid it's her damn fault. I tried this herbal tea I got sent a sample of. It's OK tasting but nothing special. I'm supposed to get a few teas by the end of today that I ordered online a while ago. I am looking forward to that.
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