July 28th, 2020

Bertie Smile

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here's a meme:

Been to an NFL game? no
Been to Canada? yes, but it was a really long time ago
Visited Florida? yes, twice
Visited Mexico? once several years ago, I absolutely loved it
Visited Vegas? seven or eight times during the double 0's. I loved it but I wouldn't go back now, everything there is about a zillion times more expensive than it used to be. It's like it knows what it is now.
Eaten alone at a restaurant? lots of times, and I hate when you say "one" and they say "Just one?" in that damn whiney voice like they think you're pathetic just because you happen to be eating alone.
Ability to read music? no
Rode a motorcycle? A couple of times and I loved it.
Ridden a horse? yes, but not since high school
Stayed in a hospital? yes, different times for a ruptured appendix, having an ovary out because it had a tumor on it the size of a damn melon (lucky for me it was not cancer) and to have my hysterectomy
Donated blood? no
Been snow skiing? once when I was 12
Been to Disney World or Disney Land? Yes both.
Slept outside? not recently
Driven a stick shift? yes
Ridden in an 18 wheeler? No
Driven a boat? no
Eaten Escargot? yes. If you put enough butter and garlic on anything it tastes good.
Been on a cruise? no, but I'm thinking about doing it with my COVID $$$$ once all this craziness is over
Run out of gas? no
Been on TV? Yes, I was on the news once in the 80's.
Eaten Sushi? yes, I love it.
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