August 24th, 2020

House Schroeder

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I had to do laundry today and it was a much worse hassle than usual because not only did I have to go to about a zillion places just to get enough quarters but the washers and dryers that used to be right near my apt have been removed so I had to go over to the other side of my bldg (my bldg is BIG, it has 250 apartments!) repeatedly, plus somebody left a bunch of their stuff in one of the washers and another washer was busted.
One good thing, while trying to get quarters at the bank, I talked to a woman who works there and was able to make arrangements to order new checks (I'm starting to run out) and have them sent to the bank itself rather than leaving them in my mailbox so I don't have to worry about them getting ripped off if those creeps who were messing with the mailboxes do it again. The bank is just going to call me when they're ready.
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