August 25th, 2020

House Wilson Caramelldansen

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I was very tired, hungry and extremely dehydrated earlier today trying to get back inside my bldg and this man walked up to me and WOULD NOT LEAVE ME ALONE. He said he was from some TV station and he was trying to talk to some people on the fourth floor. I didn't trust him because he apparently never bothered to call these people and he didn't have a camera either so I didn't let him into the bldg. (I have no idea where the front desk people were, they're supposed to handle this.)
Also, when I was at the Safeway I couldn't find the avocados so I asked some guy who worked there and he said they didn't have any. So I went to another part of the produce dept and right up to a table with about a thousand avocados on it. What the fuck is wrong with people?
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