August 31st, 2020

Genius at Work

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I added a whole bunch of new peeps to my LJ friends list, usually when the friending frenzy things come up I only add a few but this time I added lots of them. I'm an extrovert and want lots of people to talk to, especially since I can't see my offline friends because of covid.
Anyway, welcome!
I had a really cool dream last night, I was on a cruise and swimming in the ship's pool and drinking a margarita and hanging out with Stephen Fry (and of course wondering where Hugh was, hehe).
Not much going on in my waking life, I had a cup of Yorkshire gold tea earlier this morning, did a little grocery shopping and called Netflix because some scammer pretending to be them claimed my account wasn't paid up (I knew it was, I took care of that two weeks ago!) and was trying to get my credit card number. I was all like, oh hell no, I'm not falling for this.
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