October 2nd, 2020

Bertie Smile

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Some thoughts:
Apparently, there's some sort of idea that people with Asperger's are supposed to be very good at math and tech stuff. Oh, fucking great. I can't even have Asperger's right!
Speaking of tech stuff, I saw a really gorgeous gothy window display for Halloween in a local store and I would love to take some pictures of it and post it here but of course I don't know how to do the tech to transfer photos from my camera to the computer. If J could come over he could do it.
I had a weird idea. What if dreams actually exist in some alternate reality and when you wake up you just disappear from the dream world but it's still there, you just go into the real world?
Got a cupcake from my favorite cafe, I'm gonna have it with some tea later today.
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