October 12th, 2020

Bertie ?!

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A few random thoughts:
If online ads (at least the ones that get through my adblocker) are supposedly designed to be specific to the person looking at them why do most of them assume that a) I live with my family and b) that I own a car? Neither of which could be further from the truth.
The only positive thing about the covid situation was that the buses were free. I just found out yesterday that the buses are going to start charging again next week.
Several songs that should have been in specific movies and weren't:
Dazed and Confused is not heard in the movie of the same name.
Werewolves of London is not in American Werewolf in London.
She's Not There is not in Bunny Lake is Missing, despite the fact that the band that recorded it, the Zombies, are in the movie, it was their big hit at the time and it would have fit in perfectly with the plot (Bunny Lake is a kid, not a place).
I love how Quentin Tarantino uses music, I was waiting for him to do something amazing with Piggies or Helter Skelter in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood seeing as the movie was partly about Charlie Manson. Not one Beatles song shows up in the whole fucking movie! (It's a good movie other than that but that really pissed me off.)
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