December 6th, 2020


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Some people at the New Yorker have really got their head up their butt. One article started out saying there had never been a movie about Frank Zappa. There was one four years ago. I saw it in the theater. It was great, if you're a Frank Zappa fan you should see it. If Frank isn't your cup of tea the movie won't convert you though. They need to do a little fucking research. (The search engine at IMDB is busted. I typed in an F and Star Wars comes up??!)
Then there's a terrible looking drawing of Hugh Laurie on another article. I didn't even realize it was supposed to be him at first. Looked more like Steve Buscemi's corpse. I suppose I should be glad Gerald Scarfe didn't do it, then it would have looked even worse. The article itself said Hugh had no lips. What?! Jerks.
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