December 10th, 2020

Nut House

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Had some almond coconut tea. Last night I did not feel one bit like making dinner so I went out and got takeout Chinese. It was yummy but unfortunately I also found out that's the only place I can get Chinese now because there were two other places in my neighborhood and one of them (the best one) is going out of business and the other one is doing this thing because of covid where you can't order anything from them without using a cell phone and I don't have one.
I also didn't get much sleep last night or the night before. I had really weird dreams. In one of them I was wandering around in some unknown place (all I knew is it was really far from home) wearing just a sheet. I had had surgery and I couldn't remember what it was for, how I got out of the hospital or what hospital I was even supposed to be in. I was supposed to be visiting a friend when I had to go to the hospital in the first place but I couldn't remember my friend's name or where she lived either. I could remember my name and the date (in the dream it was November 28th) though. The other dream was some weird shit about Monty Python guys.
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