January 10th, 2021

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Maybe I shouldn't let this bother me but it's really pushing my buttons. I was picking a few things up in the drugstore yesterday morning and I wanted something on the bottom shelf which is at floor level so I could not pick it up because of my leg. (This is the same damn CVS that has the heating pads on the damn floor as I talked about in an earlier post.) Some woman who worked there asked me if I needed help so I was all, "I have to have surgery on my knee and I can't pick up something I want" and I had to tell her this twice. She gets it for me and she's laughing like crazy. I go "Did I miss a joke?" And she keeps laughing and she says she likes to help people and I go "I don't understand why you're laughing" and she wouldn't tell me what was so funny. And she keeps laughing.
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