January 11th, 2021

hugh fop

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I was part of an online discussion yesterday about which decades had the best and worst movies and someone said the 60's had the worst which I don't agree with. here are some 60's movies I love:
Hard Day's Night
Yellow Submarine (all great movies and not just because the Beatles are in them)
Tom Jones
Psycho (my favorite horror movie)
Night of the Living Dead
most James Bond movies from the 60's
the Graduate
Dr. Strangelove (my favorite political movie)
Manchurian Candidate
West Side Story
Rosemary's Baby
Take the Money and Run
Magic Christian
the Producers
the Party
Pretty Poison
Mad Monster Party
the Bobo
Bedazzled (parts of it have not aged well, however)
After the Fox
What's Up, Tiger Lily?
Bunny Lake is Missing
the World of Henry Orient
the Naked Kiss (parts of this have REALLY not aged well)
and there are probably some I forgot
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