January 17th, 2021

Hugh Smile

(no subject)

At about 3 this morning I was in sheer misery. Not only is my leg acting up again but my smoke alarm was going off, and I don't mean the brief but ear splitting beeps it would be making if it just needed a battery change, I mean it was going full blast. There was no fire, there was no smoke and I knew the maintenance guys were not available. They won't be for a couple of days. I tried calling the emergency maintenance/security number they gave me but nobody answered the phone. I had no idea what else to do so I called the fire department (the non-emergency number, I would have called 911 if there was a fire) and altogether had to listen to that fucking racket for half an hour till the firemen showed up. Bizarrely enough, the firemen took a look at the alarms and told me the wiring was screwed up and they were going off because spiders got in there! It took me several hours to get back to sleep and once I did I don't think I got enough sleep. I feel like shit.
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