February 15th, 2021

House Wilson Embrace

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Nothing much to do until I have to go to physical therapy in a few hours.

Update: I wrote something about Michael Palin in a comment on someone else's blog and got a bad reaction to his name and the following list of words the computer apparently though I should use as substitutes:
Plain, Pa lin, Pa-lin, Pal in, Pal-in, Paling, Paolina, Paulina, Pauline, Pauling, Palling, Pealing, Plan, Pliny, Pain, Piling, Poling, Puling, Pylon, Plano, Patin, Pearline, Pearling, Plane, Plains, Plaint, Plainer, Palming, Praline, Pail, Lain, Paine, Pauli, Lin, Opalina, Opaline, PIN, Pan, Pal, Paladin, Palings, Pin, Paling's
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