June 3rd, 2021

House Wilson Caramelldansen

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here's a meme:

1. Do you own a dry erase board? no
2. What feature do you get complimented on most? my taste in clothing, which I find interesting because when I was a kid I used to get beaten up for it
3. On average, how much money do you usually put into savings every week? you're assuming I have a job
4. Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis? yes
5. Do you start the shower water before or after you get in? after. who starts it before?
6. What laundry detergent do you use? Arm and Hammer
7. When you were younger, were you ever in a relationship with someone you now realize was way too old for you? no
8. How old were you the first time you traveled alone? 14
9. What's the longest hotel stay you've ever had? Not very long, I think it was only 3 days tops
10. What temperature do you keep your thermostat set to during the winter? I don't have a thermostat, a lot of Calif apt buildings don't have them
11. Have you ever had surgery? yes, I had my tubes tied, one ovary removed because it had a large non-cancerous tumor on it, my appendix out and a hysterectomy
12. When you were growing up did your family move around a lot? yes, before I was three my family had lived in Japan, Ohio, Dallas and New York City and we later lived in Connecticut and California, which is why I never know what to answer if someone asks me what my "home town" was
13. What browser do you use? usually google
14. Do you remember what you wore on your very first day of school? no
15. What was the last letter that you sent out by mail? a phone bill payment day before yesterday
16. What do you think the world will be like in 100 years? hopefully no more fucked up diseases
17. Where do you hang your towel to dry after showering? on a rack in my bathroom
18. Last time you swam in a pool? too long. the one here has been closed for over a year. I hate covid
19. Type of music you dislike most? Extreme right wing bible thump country. I hate it on both an aesthetic and a philosophical level. I don't like techno either
20. How many people have you kissed in a car? I don't know. Not very many.
21. Do you enjoy getting manicures/pedicures? I do my own nails
22. Did you often read for fun when you were a kid? yes, all the time
23. Do you have any dietary restrictions? yes
24. Are you more of a visual learner or an auditory learner? I don't know
25. Which of your good habits has made the biggest positive difference in your life? reading
26. What is your favorite tea brand? either Twinings or Republic of tea
27. What's a hobby you've been thinking about starting? I haven't
28. If I stepped into your shower, what is the first item I would notice? an orange bar of soap
29. Did you go to your high school’s homecoming dance? no
30. Who taught you how to drive? a driving instructor w/ the same name as a Dr. Who actor, Tom Baker.
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