June 13th, 2021

Hugh Smile

(no subject)

Elliot Roberts censored out EVERY SINGLE COMMENT I made on his review of Yesterday and I didn't even disagree with him or say anything particularly controversial!
I said:
George is very underrated and gets left out a lot, which sucks.
The main guy in the film should have been the one who doesn't know who Harry Potter is at the end, implying that BOTH universes are not our own.
There should have been a scene where Paul is all pissed off and accuses him of ripping him off.
Paul probably wasn't in the movie because he wanted too much money.
What if John or Paul had been in another band, like the Who or Led Zeppelin? They would have sounded totally different!
Some guy actually confused John with Ronald Reagan and I called him on it
(I have some other opinions of that movie but they would be considered very controversial and if what I said got yanked I probably would get banned from youtube for the stuff I wound up not saying!)
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