September 14th, 2021

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I have had a combination of bad and good luck recently. The bad luck was, in addition to another washing machine ripping off my $, a different washing machine left a brown spot on my black pants. (it looks like some idiot threw bleach in there when I wasn't there) I went to a tailor's and they said they didn't do dye work, then I went to the dry cleaners and the woman who worked there didn't even know what I was talking about (in addition to not even opening up until two hours after she was supposed to) so I went over to the drugstore to get a sharpie. This made the brown spot darker but not completely black but it's a lot less noticeable, especially when I have them on, and between having no car, a fucked up leg and a bunch of clothing stores around that either have no large sizes or are really overpriced, or both, I'm just going to say fuck it and wear those pants. Besides, due to covid, stores won't let you try stuff on, you have to buy it and then return it when it doesn't fit and I'm not going through that again.
The good luck is someone dropped $23 in the drugstore parking lot and the only other person there besides me was some guy sitting in his car who saw me pick it up and didn't say boo so it couldn't have been his money.
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