November 8th, 2021

hugh fop

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here's a meme:

Go to the following website and type in 15 different characters from any Fandom (they can be in the same fandom). Then it will give you an order, after shuffling the characters. You must answer the following in the order they give you!

your rival: Mia Wallace. haha, I'm doomed.
played 7 minutes in Heaven with: Crow T. Robot!?
your boyfriend/girlfriend: George from world war 1 Blackadder: you know I'm going to put at least one Hugh character in there and George may be a dimwit but he's sweet
Mom/Dad: the Dude. that would make me the baby Maude Lebowski wanted to have!
the random person you meet at the bar: Sam Spade. Probably having a shot of bourbon and looking for info.
your boss: Rick Sanchez. Well, I wouldn't be bored at my job!
haunts you: Ricky from Trailer Park Boys?
drunk singing karaoke with: Eric Idle. I actually did go to karaoke that night when I had met him that afternoon, and he can sing. He wasn't actually at the karaoke bar though.
gave you your favorite dessert: Ringo. OK, cool.
your sibling: Tammy from Election. Well, I'm smarter than Paul.
gave you your first kiss: Sherlock Holmes. Fine with me if he's Jeremy Brett.
your best friend: Sue Perkins. She's great, I wouldn't mind her for a friend at all
Granma/Grandpa: Daria. Not the granma type in any way whatsoever.
Proposed to you: Bernstein from Citizen Kane. He's a good guy but not my type at all but he wouldn't be likely to be offended by my not wanting to.
Ex: Grissom. Yeah, I like him but we wouldn't work as a couple, we can still be friends though.
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