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Happy Halloween!!

I'm looking forward to a party tonight (which I made a pumpkin pie for), I actually got invited to TWO parties this year but they're both tonight so I seriously doubt I can make both (they're not even in the same town).

day 17

your favorite relationship (any type)

House and Wilson. there are so many complicated emotional issues with those two that you can write anything from the fluffiest fluff to the most tortured angst and if it's well written enough it'll be in character.

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    Got a whole bunch of groceries at Trader Joe's this morning and amazingly enough there was no line either!

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    I'm feeling testy right now because I'm super tired, I got only about 2 hours sleep last night but at least I got everything done today that I had to…

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    Had a couple of glasses of Apothic Dark and watched Jackie Brown, so I had some vino and Tarantino! :)

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