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day 28

something you love about House

god, where do I start?

I love how smart he is. Smart guys have always turned me on.
I find his jokes extremely funny. I'm surprised how many people don't. Only Wilson and sometimes Chase seem to laugh at them with any frequency. (Of course if he were making fun of me it would depend on where he went with it, some things about myself I don't mind being mocked but I do have some sore spots.)
I love his not taking bullshit off of people.
He fascinates me.
He's as big of a music geek as I am.
I think deep down under all the nastiness he is basically a decent person.
this is going to sound very goofy but I get the feeling we would like a lot of the same movies.
I am by nature a very empathetic person. Sometimes he seems like all he needs is someone to treat him kindly and listen to him.
He seems to have a terrific appetite for both food and sex. I like guys with a strong sensual side.
once you can get him out of his shell he's probably a great conversationalist.
Also, this is going to sound very shallow but he is absolutely gorgeous.

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