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End of the year meme; I am posting the first sentence of each month in my LJ for the past year.

January--NYE sucked like a cheerleader at a frat party.
February--Yippeeeeeeee! It's my birthday!
March--my scrip expired when I went to go pick it up at the pharmacy this morning and I'm now waiting to hear from either the pharmacy or my doctor's office, and who knows when that's going to be.
April--Got this from several people, especially emeriin and karaokegal
May--Last night I went to go meet this guy who I thought was asking me to hang out with him but I apparently completely misinterpreted something he said.
June--day 20

favorite kiss
July--Yipppeeeee! it's payday! (which is why I'm on this early, lots of things to do today)
August--I had an amazing time last night, Rocky Horror was so fun!
September--Just had a couple of cups of Russian tea so I have a good caffeine buzz, it's payday so I have to do a bunch of shopping and make a cake for srsly_yes because we're getting together tomorrow for a late birthday celebration. :)
October--didn't get enough sleep last night, got a fuckton of stuff to do today because it's payday, they're doing YET ANOTHER bullshit inspection in the bldg. in less than two weeks, bla di bla.
November--Got a big pot of English breakfast tea here to wake me up. :)
December--glad to be back home and settled into routine, definitely looking forward to seeing my friends again.

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