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Weird day yesterday. Something in my gut told me to go out at a certain time which was earlier than I had originally intended to, and when I got to the bus stop a friend of mine was there who I hadn't seen in ages. We got on the bus (we were both going the same way anyway) and did a lot of catching up, then this scary bum got on the bus and started ranting non stop about snakes. I said, "Snakes on a bus! Snakes on a bus!" then a bunch of people walked right in front of the bus while it was still moving and I said "Apparently it's idiots walk in front of a bus day." Then my friend wanted to go to a local store that sold second hand stuff to benefit a hospital and I happened to find a book in there that had a lot of art by Bev Doolittle, who is an artist that my friend was not familiar with but her art style is exactly the sort of thing he likes. We hung out for a while, then he had to go to work. Once I was done with the errand I was originally supposed to do, my bus transfer had very little time left on it and I'm so broke I couldn't afford another bus fare so I went to the bus stop and the stupid bus seemed to be taking off a block away so I was running for it and yelling "wait" and suddenly I sort of power roared "WAIT" in this extremely deep voice that didn't even sound like my own so the bus stopped.

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