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I'm taking a break from baking pumpkin cookies for the atheists' picnic to write the next part of my current House fanfic. (Hey, if church people can have picnics us atheists can too!)

If Looks Could Kill (Part 3)

When I ran into the hospital after Cuddy called me to tell me what had happened, the first person I saw whom I knew was Chase. I was in no mood to deal with him, but I needed to know what room House was in.
"Chase, what--"
"Room 9840."

(a/n sorry this part is so short but if you want to know what happened next this is around when the events described in "Impunity" happen so if you haven't read it it's in the May 21st entry of this journal. "If Looks Could Kill" is "Impunity"'s companion piece of sorts.)

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