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the lovely hughville's interview questions for me:

1. What was the first story you ever wrote? I remember making up weird stories when I was a real little kid. The first fanfic I can ever remember writing was stuff about M*A*S*H when I was twelve about Hawkeye falling in love with one of the nurses and some little Korean orphan causing mischief.

2. Will you still follow Hugh's career after House ends? Sure! I followed his career before he was ever in House, I love Brit comedy, and I'll tell you something I've never said before because I didn't think people would believe me, I thought he would have made a neat Bertie Wooster before he ever did the TV show. I was a big fan of the books and his character in the World War One Blackadder eps reminded me of Bertie anyway.

3. What music reminds you most of Hugh? Lots of different music reminds me of Hugh, but the music of Iggy Pop reminds me most of House's character.

4. What do you like best about the House/Wilson relationship? I love when they bitch at eachother amusingly but you can tell they really like eachother. I've tried capturing that in some scenes in my fics, I hope I did it justice.

5. What is your favorite childhood memory? No single memory, but my parents took me to a lot of cool places like amusement parks, zoos, movies, live shows, art galleries, museums, etc.

and the lovely pyewacket's interview questions:

1. What's your favorite scary movie? Psycho
2. Favorite 80s rock group? the Ramones. I vastly prefer 80's punk to 80's pop.
3. What makes you love Hugh Laurie as much as you do? I love his talent, his charm, his wit. Admittedly, I've never met him but he comes across as a very intelligent and warm person. And he's so versatile! he is a superb actor, he can sing, he can play piano and guitar beautifully, he writes, he can dance, he even juggles. Also I feel guilty saying this but he is gorgeous.
4. Do you have pets? Unfortunately, my stupid fascist piggie bldg. won't let me have them, and I love animals. A lot of the time when I go out for a walk i try to pet every dog I see.
5. Other than House, what other show do you like to watch most on TV? British comedies. Even ones that don't have Hugh in them, haha.

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