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the five word meme as given to me by the lovely karaokegal

SF/Bay Area
I've lived in Northern California for almost 31 years now and I love it here. I've done a lot of traveling and really liked most of the places I've visited but I am always happy to come home. I love the great variety of people here, I love the natural beauty, I love the cool places, I even love the crazy localized weather. We have some of the most charming, unconventional character of any part of the country and I wouldn't have it any other way. For example: San Francisco has more dim sum restaurants than any other city in the world--except Hong Kong. There are a million wonderful things here and anybody on my awesome f list reading this who isn't from here, if you ever get the opportunity to come visit here, look me up and I'll show you all kinds of cool places we locals know about that tourists usually don't get to see.

I love to sing and the Mint is my favorite place to do it, but I have done karaoke when I was on vacation in Las Vegas and Hawaii. As I've said before, some women have fantasies of being married to rock stars, I had fantasies of being a rock star. (One guy in Vegas actually tried to talk me into being on American Idol and seemed genuinely shocked that I wasn't the least bit interested.)

The funny thing is I got into LJ in the first place because of the thing they used to have where the House characters would MST bad fanfic, which they don't even do anymore, and which I found completely by accident anyway, by putting the names of my two favorite shows in google just to see what I'd get if I did that. I thought it was some of the funniest stuff I'd ever read in my life and I wish somebody would start it up again. I'd do it myself but I don't write good enough MSTs, the only easy part is finding the bad fics in the first place. (Some fandoms seem to get a lot more bad fics than others and House is way up there on that list for some reason. So is Stargate. But I digress.) I wandered around some of the other posts, found it a good deal more interesting than, say, facebook, and joined.

Stephen Fry
I liked him since he was on Blackadder, same as Hugh. I thought he was cute, I was actually a little disappointed when I first found out he was gay because I had a crush on him before Hugh. I find him fascinating. Anybody who can play Jeeves and Oscar Wilde and do it beautifully is aces in my book. I have this fantasy of hanging out with him and buying him British candy and just having a conversation with him for hours.

Jeeves & Wooster
I loved the books since first being introduced to them by my dad when I was a kid, way before the TV show, before Stephen and Hugh were even well-known. if you've never read them go to the library, any good-sized library will have some Wodehouse, and get some. They are really funny books and they always put me in a good mood. The TV show is amazing, it captures the spirit of the books beautifully (even if it doesn't copy them exactly, some of the plots are WAY different) and every time I read the books now I see Stephen and Hugh in those roles now.

and here are the lovely theonlymeyouget's interview questions for me:

1. Do you have any pets and if so who/what are they? If not, do you want any, and if you do want one (or more) what would they be? I wish I did. I always had pets as a kid and I love animals but my stupid piggie bldg. won't let me have them. I would probably have a dog. I love dogs. I love cats too but I can't have them because I'm very allergic. I also like birds and ferrets but California has a completely retarded state law that you can't have pet ferrets despite the fact that they are less likely to bite people than dogs and they do not carry disease.

2. You may go back to one event of your life and choose differently. What do you change and how do you think things would be different now? i would not get involved with my abusive ex boyfriend. that relationship was far more trouble than it was worth.

3. What's your worst habit? Zoning out when bored or talking too much and not censoring what i say very well.

4. What do you admire most in other people, and what trait or actions annoys you or angers you the most in others? I admire integrity, intelligence, a good sense of humor, an unwillingness to put up with people acting stupid, and kindness. i hate stupidity, and bigotry or bullying of any stripe.

5. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? either time travel or mind reading.

and here are my questions for theonlymeyouget

1. who are some of your favorite writers?
2. I know you like David Lynch movies, what's your interpretation of what happens in Mulholland Drive?
3. what ethnic group does your favorite type of vegetarian food? I like Indian and Chinese veggie food a lot.
4. name some things you'd like to see happen on House (of course I don't expect you to name 100 things like I did!)
5. which LOTR character do you identify with the most?
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