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the lovely bonorattle's interview questions for me:

1. How would you like to meet Hugh Laurie? .... (and saying "in bed" doesn't count). the way I've met most celebrities was through book signings or before or after they did live shows, but i met John Cleese completely by accident, he was taking his kid to Disneyland the same day I happened to be there. I'd like to meet Hugh under circumstances where he and I could actually have a conversation of some length (and I wouldn't be tacky enough to flirt w/ him in front of his wife or kids!)

2. Do you believe in the paranormal? no

3. What's your definition of happiness? to me, happiness is being accepted completely as myself despite being different from the people who accept me.

4. What were you like as a child? kind of bratty

5. Which is better: to forgive and keep someone in your life, or to forget and move on? depends on what they did. I am usually forgiving of my friends unless they did something really bad.

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