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yay! it's my birthday! had a nice time with some of my awesome friends today just hanging out, then me and roomie went out for Japanese food for dinner. here's the lovely captainmarveljt's interview questions for me:

1) How would you describe your childhood? it mostly sucked. I was one of those outcast kids who gets bullied for being different.

2) If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, which would it be and why? I have a lot of favorite movies but watching only one movie for the rest of my life would drive me crazy no matter how good it was.

3) Tell me about your roomie! From your entries it's obvious that you two are really close friends! he's a sweetheart. we've known eachother for 15 years and we're best friends, we were briefly a couple before he realized he was more into guys, and he is large, charming, smart and witty. he reminds me slightly of Stephen Fry (he's not British though)

4) Have you travelled out of the US? yes, to Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe and I was born in Japan.

5) Apart from House, what other television shows do you watch? Monty Python, lots of other British comedies, South Park, cooking shows, some science fiction, CSI Vegas and NY but not Miami, some other mysteries, Venture Bros.,etc.

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