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I wrote down a list of my fics from the past year and what dates they were posted on so I can do my annual listing and now I can't figure out where the piece of paper I wrote all this down on is. Roomie probably knows where it is but he's asleep now and I'm not gonna wake him. So here goes: "Invasion of the Cuddy Snatchers" Very cracky fic explaining WTF happened to a show I once loved. RIP Kevin McCarthy. "It's-Its" My entry for Come As You're Not, alternate history of the show, what if the bus crash didn't happen? Femslash with Amber/OFC, House being rather voyueristic. Largely from the POV of a patient. "Immobile" Kinky House fic. Bondage with our two favorite screwed up doctors. NC-17 bigtime. "Immobile" Chapter 2. Cameron decides to play with the boys. Chapter 3, more of the same. "Incompatibility" Chapter 1 NC-17 Huddy, and it's not going all that well. Chapter 2. Phone conversation between Cameron and Lucas. Chapter 3. House's dissatisfaction. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. Chapter 7. Chapter 8. Chapter 9. More NC-17 stuff. Chapter 10. Last 4 chapters of "Enter, Backstage", self-insert RPF with Hugh so it's friends locked. and I am not a Mary Sue! "It's Time You Got A Life", part 2. This was originally supposed to be a one shot for Come As You're Not '10, but I liked it so much i decided to write what happened next. "I'm Not In Love" Really super angsty dialogue-only H/W fic."It's Time You Got A Life", part 3 anti-bullying story plus mockery of my least favorite Xmas movie. I think I spread myself a bit thin with this one. part 4 part 5 "Immaturity" (House/South Park crossover) Written for A Ficathon Walks Into a Bar. I had fun with this one. "Insane In the Man's Cane, Insane In The Brain" written on a dare. Looney patient falls in love with House's cane. About as cracky as you'd expect.

and here's a link to the first year's worth of my fics:

and here's a link to the second:

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