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Having an interesting weekend so far. Day before yesterday after taking care of my payday obligations(shopping, paying bills, etc.) I went over to that cool tea place I had discovered last month but the guy who worked there who I really liked wasn't there and the guy who was working there didn't seem to know as much about the teas and seemed to be really very distracted. I had a pot of black tea with pear and caramel in it which was very good and I picked up a canister of some sort of cherry berry tea for roomie but none for myself. then I went over to good old Edinburgh Castle and had some beer and whiskey and fish and chips and got into a nice long conversation with the bartender, Allan, which was very entertaining. i cleared out after a couple of hours because someone put this godawful "song" on which consisted predominantly of some woman screaming "why won't you dance with me" in the most grating voice possible.
yesterday i was supposed to get together with a friend of mine who was going to take me out to dinner and the movies but he couldn't make it at the last minute (rfggh!) so instead of just sitting around at home in a bad mood I went and hung out at Haight St. and had a nummy lunch at Cha Cha Cha (there is always a party vibe at that place so I thought it would cheer me up and it did) and as I walked out after lunch some random stoner dude called me "gorgeous". i thanked him but i couldn't tell for sure if he was bullshitting me or not. if he was being sincere I'd be pleased but also very surprised. I poked around a few stores including a big bookstore and this new one called Love You to Death which I had mentioned before here in this LJ that has all these trippy skulls and devil statues and jewelry made out of iridescent beetle wings and looks like the Addams family's yard sale. I mean that as a compliment. i love stuff like that.
Had a cone at Ben and Jerry's and the guy there gave me a bunch of coupons (with no expiration date! yay!) then had some yummy Thai noodles with shrimp, coconut and lemongrass for dinner. :)
also looking forward to going to hang out with some of my awesome friends later today.

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