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I'm really too tired right now to feel much of anything but I had fun last night. I went over to my friends' house and we were supposed to play D&D but my friend who was supposed to be running the whole game never showed up (he didn't even call to say he couldn't make it which is not like him at all). My other friend (whose house it was) tried to call him but she just kept getting his dumb voice mail. So we wound up not playing D&D but we had fun anyway because we just hung out and talked. I hadn't seen a couple of them in a while because they were busy with classes and other things so I was nice to get together with them again. Also, it looks like I might have an opportunity to make some $$$. My friend wants cooking lessons and her parents are willing to pay me for them. Cool. I could use the money.

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    Had a great time with J yesterday. :)

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    Had some ginseng peppermint tea. I'm waiting for J to come over and visit, I'm really looking forward to it. :)

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