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feeling good and wired on Peet's tea

It's time for this meme again, Karaokegal gave me a letter, H, and here's five songs I love beginning with that letter!

Hey Ya! by OutKast
How Soon Is Now by the Smiths
Hard Day's Night by the Beatles
Happy Xmas (War Is Over) by John Lennon (I had a music-gasm when Hugh sang a
bit of this on SNL)
Hedwig's Lament/Exquisite Corpse from the Hedwig and the Angry Inch soundtrack

comment and I will give you a letter and then please list five songs you love starting with that letter. You can upload or not, it's up to you. and here's a video:

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    Got a whole bunch of groceries at Trader Joe's this morning and amazingly enough there was no line either!

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    I'm feeling testy right now because I'm super tired, I got only about 2 hours sleep last night but at least I got everything done today that I had to…

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    Had a couple of glasses of Apothic Dark and watched Jackie Brown, so I had some vino and Tarantino! :)

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