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I'm assuming at least some people reading this now some of the people who used to work on Star Trek NG (writers, etc.) later wound up working on CSI. You may have spotted some of the same actors. I've actually figured out some parallels in the characters.

Wise, charismatic, father-to-his-men type leader who seems to be very unemotional at first but really isn't: Picard/Grissom
Attractive woman with annoying kid: Beverly/Catherine
Cool laid-back character whom most of the audience liked who got killed largely to show someone else getting revenge: Kehyler/Warrick
Overly emotional woman: Deanna/ Sara
Very intelligent but innocent character: Data/Greg
Dorky guy whom nobody really likes and is sometimes used by the writers to mock fans: Barkley/Hodges
Growly macho guy who was kind of a jerkass in earlier episodes but has become more likeable: Worf/Brass

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