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Went to the downtown branch of the Oakland Library yesterday. Roomie and I had to walk further than I really wanted to and by the time we got there my feet and my bad knee were KILLING me. The library is set up so it's very hard to find books on a specific subject and some of the people working there don't know shit about where anything is. Not having memorized the Dewey decimal system, I had to look around for signs mapping it out, which were in a different part of the library from where the damn books were for some reason. Roomie and I picked out 11 books and then the librarian said my card was no good even though I had gone to a different branch of the Oakland library (the one near my house) only a few months ago. So I had to fill out an application for a new card because all my records were gone. Then she says we can only take out 2 books. Then I get home and realize one of the Jeeves books I picked out was one I already had! (Some of the Jeeves books have more than one title. "The Inimitable Jeeves" and "Jeeves in the Springtime" are the exact same book.) Then we took a different bus route back to try to save some strain on our feet, which would have helped except the bus took forever to show up and it was one of the many stops with no seat so we couldn't sit down. my feet hurt so bad by the time I got home that I took a Vikey. Lucky I think you can return library books to any branch so when they're due I'm just taking them to the one down the street.

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