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Weird day yesterday. I went to the safeway to get bananas and sugar and nuts so I could bake banana bread later today and the safeway apparently stopped selling the unsalted nuts in bulk! all they had was some prepackaged nuts that were really overpriced and some nuts that were very salty so they were obviously not meant for baking with. Then I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken to get some lunch and they gave me an extra chicken breast because they were all out of original recipe legs (they were cooking more but they weren't ready) because somebody came in right before me and bought three big buckets of original recipe. I always get original recipe when I go to the colonel because I'm not crazy about extra crispy. Then I hung out at Lucky 13 because that's my favorite bar and I'd rather have a beer than a Pepsi w/ my fried chicken any day. One of many reasons I like Lucky 13 is it's one of SF's dog-friendly bars and someone brought in their greyhound so I gave the doggie a piece of KFC skin. Then I went to the Mint but karaokegal wasn't there so I just hung out for a little while and did only two songs but then this guy I don't like showed up so I went back to Oakland and hung out at my friend's place with a bunch of my other friends, and friends of friends. We mostly had fun except this one friend of mine, who is one of the dearest, sweetest people I know, is seriously ill, I don't want to get into too much detail because I want to respect her privacy, she was feeling overwhelmed with it all and we tried to comfort her but i don't know how much good we did. it is so frustrating to me to see someone I love hurting and not feeling able to do much to help. :(

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