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Got my laundry taken care of. There was a lot of it so I went down to the large main laundry room in my building, put my stuff in three washers and went back up to my apartment. When I came back down, which couldn't have been more than a few minutes after the elapsed time, some man had taken all my stuff out of two of the washing machines. I was pissed that he had been going through my clothes, underwear, etc. and said so. he seemed to think that it was OK that he did this. I got even more pissed because some of my underwear appeared to be missing. I'm not leaving my laundry in that room again. he and I argued a little more and then he left. When he came back about half an hour later (and I had found my underwear that I thought was missing) I apologized for getting as angry as I did, I still think he did wrong but I was going to be the bigger person and apologize on general principle because I think it's important that neighbors get along as much as possible. I mentioned most of this (except the part about the underwear) to one of the people at the front desk whom I like and she said something to the effect that they have had problems with this guy before and he should not have gone through my stuff. I don't think I'm going to get into any trouble.

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