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(a/n: the following fic is a Rashomon-type reimagining of the events in this fic, from the point of view of the person who pushed Wilson in the pool.)

I thought the craziest thing I ever saw in a hotel would be in Vegas, not fucking New Jersey, but here I am walking down the hall and in the opposite direction I saw this couple wearing bathrobes and the woman was covered in stage blood and giggling like a loon. She was an extremely pretty Asian woman with hair down to her hips and, to me at least, the guy with her was even more gorgeous, he's tall and had my absolute favorite type of male body, thin and muscular at the same time, and a really cute face, huge blue eyes and angular cheekbones and a big grin. I could not stop staring.

I was so busy being distracted by the gorgeousness that at first I didn't notice that he had an unusual limp with a swagger.

He noticed me staring at him and kind of gave me the hairy eyeball. "Do I know you or something?"

I tried like crazy to think up a witty reply and drew a complete blank. "Um, I don't think so, who are you guys?"

He did this thing with his eyebrow that reminded me of Stephen Colbert and said in this weird fake British accent, "We're John and Yoko!" causing the woman to laugh even louder.

"John Lennon did not talk like an upper class twit!" I replied, feeling both amused and annoyed at the same time.

The woman said, "I'm Vanessa Lee," and held her hand out so I shook it and introduced myself, then I looked over at the guy and he said his name was James Wilson and Vanessa started giggling again.

"What with the fake blood, you guys reminds me more of Penn and Teller than John and Yoko," I joked, and he laughed. All three of us wound up getting into a long, entertaining conversation in the hall.

A few hours later I saw him in the hotel bar having a rather intense looking conversation with this very boyish looking guy with giant eyebrows. I couldn't hear anything they were saying but they both seemed really irritated with eachother.

As he stormed out of the bar he walked right by me and said, "Want to make some money? I'm gonna jump off the balcony tomorrow night at exactly 10:30 and I'll pay you a hundred bucks to push that guy in the pool right after I do it."

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