chocolate_frapp (chocolate_frapp) wrote,

I'm pissed because I've been up since 4 in the damn morning due to two of my neighbors deciding to have a screaming match in the courtyard straight out of Jerry Springer. fuck.

here's five questions from the lovely wasabigirl:

1. What was the favourite year of your life so far and why? I don't really have one.

2. If you could decide exactly how the House MD finale would go, what would you make the characters say/do? see items 100-101 on this list. (actually if you haven't read the entire entry you might find it interesting. I think it's one of the better things i wrote.)

3. Who is your favourite music artist and what is your favourite song of theirs? the Beatles, no contest. I can't pick a favorite song of theirs though, they wrote too many brilliant ones.

4. What is your all-time favourite television show. Jeeves and Wooster tied with Monty Python.

5. What is your best quality? my sense of humor, my intelligence and my kindness.

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    J cancelled on me.

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    Been watching lots of Father Ted, that show is so funny! FECK!

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    It was locked again and then it was unlocked again. My mail wasn't missing so I think the mail people are just fuckups.

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