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damigella_314 is a lovely, sweet person! she has been a wonderful guest over the past few days, taking roomie and me out to dinner and buying me gifts. Friday we went to Clement St. and had terrific dim sum, then we went to my favorite bookstore, Green Apple, where she bought lots of books, then we went and listened to music and had drinks over at Club 540, then we went over to Toy Boat and had some of their awesome desserts while looking at the toy museum, then back to my neighborhood for Japanese food.
Day before yesterday she and i hung out at Haight St. (roomie didn't feel like joining us) and we had brunch at Kate's, walked around checking out the general 60s vibe, looked (unsuccessfully) for Hugh's CD at Amoeba, listened to cool folkie street musicians, went to a cafe for hot chocolate that Bill Maher, of all people, showed up at while we were there, I was really rather surprised at how friendly he was with me, and then had dinner at Cha Cha Cha.
Yesterday we got together with karaokegal for a walking tour of the Mission and the Castro with special emphasis on some AMAZING murals, then a fantastic seafood lunch at Woodhouse's, then we "kicked some karaoke ass" in the words of Hedwig, I actually felt ballsy enough to do "Bohemian Rhapsody", then dami and I went to Lucky 13 for a couple of drinks, then we brought roomie back some KFC.
Right now she's going for a walk and I'm resting some very sore feeties, I'll go take a painkiller in a minute, then tonight she, roomie and i are going to go get Mexican food in Alameda. :)
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