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Chapter 6

He stands next to his car and waits outside the prison for his friend. His brother was transferred to the mental hospital some time ago, and now, once his friend gets out, released into his custody, he will be held responsible for him. His friend is going to move back in with him.

He's more than a little nervous as to how well this is going to work, or whether it will work at all.

He sees his friend come out. He looks as if he had old bruises on his face that haven't quite healed up yet.

His friend's huge blue eyes stare up at the sunset. The sky is a riot of red, purple, lavender and orange. Then he looks back down at him.

He is startled to see tears in his friend's eyes and a slow smile creep across his face. He is even more startled when his friend limps rapidly over to him and hugs him tight.

His arms seem to reach up on their own to embrace his friend.

Neither of them says anything as they walk towards the car together. They get in.

"Wilson, there's something I should have told you a long time ago...."

the end

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