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Karaokegal gave me the five things that remind her of me:

1. Hugh Laurie
God, I love him. I love him for his talent and wit, for his adorable personality and his gorgeousness (feel a bit guilty about the last one but fuck it.)

2. East bay
I've lived here for decades and I love it, all the charm of SF proper and none of the massive rents.

3. Baking
I've done it both professionally and personally and I love doing it. I'm going to bake coconut macadamia white chocolate chip cookies tomorrow in fact. Yup, the same ones I refer to in my fic "I'm Dreaming of a White Chocolate Xmas".

4. Karaoke
Self-explanatory. i wanna be a rock star!

5. Dreams
I have massively weird ones sometimes. I had one last night about being in a big Lord of the Rings battle.

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