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Would have had a nice afternoon out yesterday if I had a car. A lot of things went wrong and almost all of them had to do with public transit. They totally fucked up one of the bus routes by making it much shorter than it used to be, I had to carry a bunch of heavy stuff on stairs because Bart's escalators were busted (I have a tendency to trip) and one shuttle that i take all the time took forever to show up (it usually shows up really fast). Also I accidentally lost my damn transfer because I was carrying so much stuff, so i had to pay two bus fares. And one of my cupcakes got squished.

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    Had some Keemun tea this morning. I have a lot to do today and I would have appreciated if someone who is apparently incapable of telling the…

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    Had a great time with J yesterday. :)

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    Had some ginseng peppermint tea. I'm waiting for J to come over and visit, I'm really looking forward to it. :)

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