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Valentine's day gets on my nerves. I had to do grocery shopping at three different stores yesterday and they were ALL a total mob scene. It was ridiculous.

here's some questions from sarcasticra:

1) What's the favorite thing of yours that you've written? I change my mind about that a lot but right now I'd guess the last scene in "Incarceration".

2) What's your favorite episode of House and why? Either Three Stories for the cleverness of the writing and the insights into House's character or Merry Little Xmas just for the sparks between House and Dwarf!mom.

3) Favorite and least favorite things about fandom? Favorite: The friendships and the opportunity to be exposed to great creativity. Least favorite: Bitchiness about ships.

4) Do you prefer to listen to music or have background noise on while you write, or do you work better without any possible distractions? Music, yes. Any other background noise, no.

5) Favorite movie? too many movies i love to have one favorite.

6) What's something you desperately want to see portrayed in any media source that you haven't been able to find to your satisfaction? I would love to see a Hugh fanvid set to "No Myth" by Michael Penn. I'd make one myself but i don't know anything about how to edit a video (I do have an idea of what scenes i want in synch with certain lines in the song).

7) What's your favorite M*A*S*H moment? Hawkeye's Groucho impressions.

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