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It's really hot out today. You wouldn't know it was late February.

here are julianathursday's questions for me:

1. What is your all time favorite movie There are way too many movies I love to just pick one. I can give my favorite movie in very specific categories or with specific actors or directors but i can't pick just one favorite movie.

2. If you could be anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would that be? Either San Francisco or Hawaii.

3. Ben and Jerry want to make an ice cream flavor based on your personality. What would it be called? Unstable Maple, haha

4. You are given the chance to do one thing over in your life. What would it be? Easy. Not gotten involved with my mean ex.

5. If you could travel in time to any era of History where would you go? the Sixties. especially if I get to hang out with the Beatles.

6. A baby is left at your door step with a "please take care of me" note. What do you do? call the cops and take care of the baby till they get there (legally that's what you're supposed to do and I'm too impatient and crazy and poor to raise a kid)

7. You are given 24 hours to live. What do you do with that time? spend it with as many of my friends as possible. I want to die with a smile on my face.

and turnerwolf's questions to me:

1. What is your favorite song from Hugh's album? I love them all.

2. Favorite Hugh Laurie non-House role? Bertie Wooster

3. What is the fanfic you've written that you are the happiest with, the most proud of? (link please?) I change my mind about that one a lot but right now it's either "Incarceration"
or it's "Incompatibility" "Incompatibility" Chapter 1 NC-17 Huddy, and it's not going all that well. Chapter 2. Phone conversation between Cameron and Lucas. Chapter 3. House's dissatisfaction. Chapter 4. Conversation between Cuddy and Foreman and some of Foreman's thoughts. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. Chapter 7. Chapter 8. Chapter 9. More NC-17 stuff. Chapter 10.

4. Favorite novel? again, although i read a lot I don't have one favorite novel.

5. Marry, shag, or throw off a cliff... Gregory House, Hugh Laurie, or Roger (Hugh's role in Peter's Friends). Marry Hugh, House is obviously not the marrying kind but he does seem like the sort of guy who has no objection to a friends with benefits sort of relationship, so I'd shag him. Can I throw Bertie Wooster off the cliff instead because he won't get hurt? (In canon, he jumped through a closed glass window and emerged unharmed, and he got hit by lightning on a metal thing on a skyscraper and was not seriously injured. The man apparently has the constitution of an old-school cartoon character. I would also warn Jeeves so he can catch him.)

6. Favorite restaurant in your area (and your favorite meal there)? there are waaaayyy too many fucking awesome restaurants here to just pick one. Come visit me and I'll prove it to you.

7. How's life treating you right now? Good. It's a beautiful day out and I just cooked myself a nummy late breakfast (eggs, bacon, French toast with maple syrup, an apple and tomato juice), I have no debts or obligations hanging over my head right now and I'm looking forward to seeing a friend of mine tomorrow. How about you?

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